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There is no ‘i’ team, but there is a ‘me’

You’ve no doubt been to many training courses on ‘team building’.  Some that were effective and some that weren’t.  The Team Management Systems profiling tool (TMS) is a world renowned tool that helps to measure performance in a team by the way of the kinds of roles we ‘take on’ when we work with others.
This fascinating and practical tool can be used individually, across teams or with entire organisations and is greatly suited to those teams that wish to explore ways of better productivity, more effective engagement and reduced unhealthy conflict. It reveals how to get the best out of ‘me’.



Linking Emotional Intelligence to Neuroscience



Emotional Self Awareness is the skill of perceiving and understanding one’s own emotions.  Knowing that stimuli that comes into our brain first is processed unconsciously and can activate one of six key emotions. This then comes into our conscious attention, and we begin to experience feelings that follow on from the emotions and thoughts. All of this happens in the space of about .5 of a second. GENOS defines this skill, when conducted effectively, as ‘being present’ rather than ‘being disconnected’.





The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

This all day program is an introductory program for those wishing to expand their knowledge of emotional intelligence and how the GENOS model can be a useful tool for yourself, your family, business and community organisations.


Managing Difficult People Using EI

Sometimes ‘managing’ a difficult person that you encounter on a day-to-day basis is much more subtle than we think. Our own internal dialogue and perceptions play a part in each and every workplace ‘drama’ that’s played out. What’s your workplace drama?  Who are the other actors in your workplace drama and how might you be contributing to the situation? Understanding, appreciating, and being able to use emotional intelligence is a skill. Like any skill we need to keep working on it. We don’t always get it right, but it’s something we can strengthen and improve.


Fracturing the Kryptonite

What’s holding you back? What is preventing you getting to where you need to go? Is it your skills? Is it the way you think? Is it the way you behave? Is it that you don’t know where you should be going? Is it fear? Or are you too busy to take the next step?

Whatever your kryptonite is, whatever ‘stuff’ is holding you back, this talk is designed to help you name that thing which is preventing you from moving forward and work out how to overcome it. At the Forum, you will have an opportunity to take stock and consider ways to change the behaviours, thoughts and actions that are keeping you in place.


From the minute we are born we start to create a view of the world, the people in it and ourselves. This view is shaped by our experiences, the views of those around us and our own interpretation of events and motivations. This view influences our choices and decisions on a daily basis, often sub- consciously. But is it the ‘real’ story? Is our thinking creating unnecessary barriers and can we shift that thinking to help us move forward?