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Sales Management training that gets results

Behind every great sales person is a great sales manager. Often though, great sales people get promoted into sales manager roles because their figures are good or their stakeholder relationships are excellent. Being a sales manager requires a different set of skills to being a great sales person. We help your teams to take them on a coaching journey from great sales person to great sales manager and coach. Gallup research in 2012 found that up to 20% immediate improvement occurs when sales people have the right manager working with them.

We also understand that great sales people can sometimes be tricky to manage. Working out how best to split your time amongst your team is also tricky, we will help you develop plans to maximize your reward for your effort. Our ‘The Sales Manager and Coach’ program will help you with this.

  • Do you want your front-line sales people to increase their conversions?
  • Do you want your account managers to have better relationship building skills?
  • Do your people understand or have what it takes to build a ‘sales through service’ culture?

We understand! We live and breathe this every day. We help deliver dynamic effective sales interventions that will deliver better results to your bottom line.  Some of our recent wins include sales effectiveness roll-outs for a finance company which delivered a 26% improvement to their BDM bottom line!

The Sales Manager and Coach’ program

Building a sales team is an essential function for any organisation that relies on revenue through the door. Making sure your sales people are skilled, motivated, accountable and coached is mandatory. Sales people often have strong personalities. You need to know when to step in, how to step in and how to motivate your team to achieve their goals.

1 day Program Outcomes:

  • What is the role of a sales manager?
  • The skills, knowledge and attributes of an effective sales leader
  • Interviewing sales people to get the right culture fit
  • Developing your coaching skills
  • Developing the necessary B2C and B2B salesperson skill sets
  • Leading sales performance
  • How emotional intelligence impacts your salespeople and how to help them build more of it
  • Managing pipeline and accountability