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Sales Courses

Are great sales people born or made? We believe everybody sells everyday and that an effective sales course can benefit even the most experienced sales people.

Have you ever met someone you would describe as a  ‘natural born salesperson?’. What was it that made you think that?

Whilst some more extraverted people definitely have the ‘gift of the gab’, truly connecting with people is an art.  A great salesperson is not only a great communicator, but a skilled negotiator, a problem solver, someone who is emotionally intelligent and resilient to boot.

In today’s complex and fast changing business environment, having a competitive advantage is crucial. Your ability to sell can be this advantage and having a strong, skilled sales team is essential.

Some things to consider…

  • Do your sales people have a sales process?
  • Are they organised during their day?
  • Are they using their time effectively?
  • Are they making the most of every lead and every up and cross sell opportunity?
  • Are their customers raving fans of their service?
  • Do your clients think of you and only your company when they want to buy?
  • Is your sales team performing the way you need them to?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re doing great!

If you think you could improve, why not talk to us about your sales training needs from either a ‘business to customer’ or ‘business to business’ perspective or both. We understand the different skills needed for different types of sales relationships.

We have sales management specialists on our team that have worked with great brands.  They have proven results in supporting sales  teams to become more sales savvy while providing better customer service as well as technical excellence.

As well as training your staff, we can help you redefine your processes saving you time and money along the way.

An example of a previous sales course we have run for our clients:

Sales through service training

In this sales course we explore the relationship between service and sales and how they are inter-linked. What is your sales process? Do you have a sales process? Do you know exactly where you are at any given moment during a sale? If you or your team answer no to any of these questions, then this type of training could be very useful.

Controlling the sale is one of the key elements in sales and negotiation skills. In sales courses like this we explore ‘what’s keeping our customers awake at night’ and why that should be our main priority to help reach your businesses sales targets.

Some of the previous learning outcomes from this program have included:

  • Preparing yourself for your work day
  • The five elements of essential selling skills
  • Linking sales to service and building a service culture
  • Building in an effective structure to your work week
  • Building resilience in sales
  • Working with different types of customers


Sales Management

If you are looking for support in leading sales teams, we know that no sales team can be effective without great sales management.  Visit our sales management courses page.