Most employees surveyed in the Australian business community would say that they don’t receive enough feedback about what they are doing and how they are doing it.  Yet we tend to feel quite threatened when someone says to us ‘I’d like to give you some feedback’.

feedback brains perceive a ‘threat’ response is on it’s way (and it will unwittingly do this without you even realising it) when someone says to you ‘can I just give you a quick bit of feedback?’.  You’re automatically ‘on point’. This is because your limbic brain is stimulated and you start to go into ‘self protection’ mode, your limbic brain being your emotional centre of the brain.

Unfortunately this isn’t a particularly useful state, as your limbic brain (if it takes over) will be saying ‘this isn’t fair, how could you, why would you’ etc etc. By taking a moment to ‘notice’ what’s going on for you when you start seeing yourself get a bit het up, and NAMING what’s going on, you’ll be able to teach yourself to subvert the process.

Today I had a group of trainees very upset about the back of house arrangements, the planning, the communication etc (all from within their organisation) of which I was the recipient. Whilst, they weren’t giving me feedback, I still had to calm my brain, notice my reaction, name the reaction and practice responding to the facts and not my own irrational emotional response. Try it, it might take a few times to ‘get the hang of it’, but you’ll get better and better at it. What do you think of this technique?