happy-at-work9 Ways to be Happier at Work in 2015

I propose that there are nine activities you can incorporate into your workday routine to give you more perspective, become a better problem-solver, and help you build the personal relationships that will keep you motivated. These activities won’t necessarily lead you to a greater rate of productivity (we aren’t robots) or total bliss, but I believe they will make you happier. more…

–Tim Lebrerecht, The Romance of Work, December 2014

1391814074-work-empathy-must-read-business-tipsWhy Empathy Is The Force That Moves Business Forward

One of the hallmarks of a successful business is its ability to harness creativity to constantly push into new territory. Without growth and innovation, businesses stagnate and eventually fade away. Those with staying power, however, have mastered an intangible, often overlooked factor that allows them to focus on the future with clarity: empathy. more…

–Jayson Boyers, Forbes, May 2013


roomba-art-3-thumb-450x299-13684Success is Not a Straight Line

A review of Leadership Lessons from a Vacuum Cleaner, including the author’s leadership insights from watching a Roomba® vacuum:

It’s always fun to read a book that makes me see the world differently. When I met Stephanie Olexa at her Pennsylvania leadership retreat center, she told me about a book she’d written. It grabbed my interest at once, and it was delightful. Leadership Lessons from a Vacuum Cleaner is an accessible, insightful reflection on a Roomba®. more…

–Katherine Ramsland, Shadow Boxing, 4 January 2015



teamwork-high-five-e1372870230501Stanford center highlights the benefits of compassionate workplaces

The latest research suggests that a more compassionate workplace, where helpfulness and forgiveness are part of the business model, is a more productive, efficient and happy place to work. more…

–Brooke Donald for Stanford Report, May 8, 2013