“Have your Eureka! moment.”

Our Philosophy

We bring years of experience to the table to help you get what you want from your people. Training shouldn’t be conducted for training’s sake. It has to be relevant to the individual, important to the company’s bottom line, and able to bring about real behavioural change.

We do this in such a way that we build rapport with our unique facilitation style, our commercial-savvy manner, and by taking a truly ‘consultative’ approach. Our consultants are a collection of talented individuals, all with business acumen, who understand the bottom line.

We seek tangible results for your organisation. We partner with organisations to bring about effective, relevant training solutions that will help to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your teams.

We strive to make training relevant. Learning isn’t learning if people don’t go away and put it in to practice. Otherwise, it’s just another piece of information in the sea of information we are subjected to each day. At Eureka we put in place some simple but effective strategies to maximise the opportunity to retain the learning of your team members.


Our Vision

To be the preferred training provider for all our clients.


Our Values

Do it right – Have integrity in the way we do business with you and the way we train your people so that we achieve the best possible outcome

Love your work – At Eureka, we truly love our work. When you align your passion to what you do for a living, it makes your job that much easier, and therefore you become more effective in your work.

Our passion, your passion – We work hard to understand ‘what’s keeping you awake at night’. What we mean by that is that we’ll work with you to really understand your organisation AND your learners’ needs.

Be inspired – We help your people to reframe their workplace experiences.


Meet the team

Nick Mills

Founder & Director

Pam Harris


Amy Stewart

Leadership Coach

Vicki Lever

Creative Trainer

Adair Jones

Communications Manager