Emotional Intelligence Training


Emotions affect everything we do. This is why emotional intelligence training for your teams can help your business performance.

Your emotional brain is responsible for processing every thought, feeling, action and decision a split second before your ‘thinking’ brain does. This means that we get ‘emotional’ about everything.

So what is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the capability of individuals to recognise their own and other people’s emotions and also understand what to do with that information. This involves understanding how do we discern between different feelings, label them appropriately and then manage and/or adjust our emotions to adapt to environments or achieve a goal(s).

Eureka Training is a leading Australian provider of the GENOS Emotional Intelligence products. The GENOS model of emotional intelligence (shown below) demonstrates different emotional intelligence ‘skill’ areas that we can help you to build. These are the areas shown in blue. The grey areas are called the ‘productive’ states and the white areas are known as the ‘unproductive’ states.

We can help your employees and teams to understand each of these different areas. With this understanding your teams are given strategies to practically and pragmatically develop fast and effective ways to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Help understand WHY decisions are made and how to get others on board quicker
  • Coach and give feedback more effectively
  • Sell more
  • Build more resilience
  • Act with authenticity

At Eureka Training, we have experience in workplace coaching and training, not only for skills development but also for personal development. Using GENOS emotional intelligence mapping, we establish a starting point. Depending on the particular circumstances, we then create an individualised approach, helping people to identify behavioural patterns that may be getting in the way, setting realistic goals, and drawing up an action plan for positive change.


In fact, we have done entire ‘emotionally intelligent leadership’ programs for organisations that help to build the EI capability of the leadership group, therefore helping to build the bottom line. Ask us how.




Neuro-leadership training

Your brain at work is your most precious resource. In the workplace, if we don’t look after our brains, we can easily become distracted, focused on the wrong thing or make poor decisions if our brains aren’t in tip top shape. Neuro-leadership training helps you to understand your brain and how to function more effectively. ‘Neuro-leadership’ refers to the way leaders use recent insights into how our brains function in order to perform at the highest level possible — both personally and professionally.

A leader is more than a manager. A leader inspires, creates, and innovates fearlessly. Our neuro-leadership training focuses on interpersonal relationships. We concentrate on developing the skills necessary not only to increase productivity but also to foster innovation and inspire action. A leader performing with a high degree of neuro-leadership is considered a “fearless innovator” in that he or she challenges the status quo, is unafraid to take high risks in search of high rewards, and is able to successfully communicate the goals, vision, and direction of an organisation.


Neuroscience at work

Neuroscience is the science of how our brain and our bodies interact, targeting specific information about many of the brain’s important areas of function. Neuroscience training for the workplace focuses on what we do, how we do it and more importantly, how to look after ourselves more effectively.

We have seen this become a growing are of interest for our clients in helping their teams navigate the modern workplace.

Neuroplasticity is the concept that through focused attention, we can change our neural pathways and change our habits. For an organisation to succeed, leaders must focus on the individual skills and talents of their employees and help them create new neuro-pathways in everything they do. Understanding this gives you and your teams more power to be in control of it.

Neuroscience training can help your teams to:

  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Multi-task less
  • Mindfully pay attention
  • Engage the cortex to learn more effectively

We can help you foster positive change and transform your workplace using the latest thinking in neuroscience.

To learn more about how neuro-leadership training can benefit your organisation contact us.

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