Communication Skills Training

Communication is the heart of every organisation. Whether you are speaking about project goals or the vision surrounding a major organisational change, being able to communicate effectively will have an impact on your success. At Eureka, we provide communication skills training that draws on the latest neuroscience and emotional intelligence research to help you develop the skills you need to share your message.

Often, the number one issue for individuals working in organisations is communication. How can we do it better, how can we email more effectively, less times. As your business grows, what systems do you have in place to make sure that everyone communicates effectively and properly? We can help with that.

Here are examples of communication skills training frequently requested by our clients.


Presentation skills training

Having a great message is one thing, effectively communicating it is another. Our presentation skills training will help you to overcome your fear by transforming anxiety into enthusiasm. We help you to radiate confidence, poise and success in addition to making a great first impression. You’ll also learn how to actively engage with and involve your audience and to effectively use visual aids.


Workplace conflict resolution skills

Unresolved conflict can result in loss of productivity, the creation of barriers to cooperation and collaboration, and difficulty retaining good employees. Developing effective conflict resolution skills is an essential component of a building a sustainable well-functioning team and organisation. Our training helps you to define acceptable behaviours, enhances communication skills, develops emotional intelligence, and to view conflicts as opportunities.


Assert Yourself!  – Assertive Communication Training

Working with different power dynamics in the workplace often means it makes it difficult to say what we want in the way that we want to say it, when we want to say it. Often we feel ‘powerless’ when in actual fact, we can achieve what we want much more simply than others think. In this program, we talk about the biology of assertiveness and how we can train our body and our brain to be more assertive.

Here are the learning outcomes you could expect:

  • Distinguish between aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive behaviours
  • Learn about the 12 ‘drama’ states that we default to when we feel less powerful than those around us
  • Recognise and monitor your own responses to threatening situations in the workplace
  • Learn of the biological foundations of assertive behaviours and how to leverage it
  • Action plan strategies to deal with workplace conflict


Working with Different Personalities training

This cornerstone workshop is all about you and the way you communicate. Ever wondered why you just ‘click’ with some people and then sometimes you instantly ‘don’t’ with others. We explore a simple four-quadrant model that helps explain this, and is lots of fun as well! Emotionally Intelligent employees understand that communicating effectively builds lasting relationships. This session will help you to communicate with your teams, your personal relationships and of course, your clients and customers. We use a popular behavioural tool  to help make sense of why you do what you do and why your co-workers do what they do. More importantly, we work on simple strategies to manage this effectively.

Some insights and skills you could take away:

  • Working more effectively with ‘difficult’ people
  • Understand your preferred styles of thinking, of decision making, of working and working with others
  • How to build behavioural flexibility
  • Techniques for managing conflict in the workplace

If these communication skills programs sound like something you, your team or your business would benefit from, please contact us on 0411 323 564 or drop us an email here.