Adair Jones



Specialties: Writing, Editing, Marketing, Communication Skills, Training, Social Media.

Adair is an award-winning author whose articles, reviews, and stories have been published regularly in Australia and internationally. She writes and speaks about a variety of issues; however, with her recent training in the Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership, she is finding ways to incorporate insights from this exciting field into all the work she does.

Recently, Adair has created and facilitated workshops on Developing Strong Work Practices, Building Intrinsic Motivation, and the Neuroscience of Creativity, working with artists, writers, scientists, businessmen, and anyone with an interest in enriching self-knowledge, refining self-expression, and enhancing personal and professional effectiveness.

Her work experience cuts across several industries and sectors. Before arriving in Australia, she worked in international development with organisations like The Population Council, WHO, and  The World Bank. For the past 15 years, Adair has consulted with community arts groups, educational institutions, government departments, as well as organisations in the business, mining, and non-profit sectors.

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